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VisitorBook Pro 1.1.0 is the result of more than three years of research, experimenting, and development of what we think is the best guestbook software on the internet. With VisitorBook Pro 1.1.0, you get flexibility, features, and a clean interface to take on any guestbook-like project. Main features include:

Unprecedented customization and control in guestbook software: Guestbooks can easily be created to suit any site's diverse needs.

Fully-featured administrator program: easily create, modify, and delete guestbooks through VisitorBook Pro's web-based administrator program.

Template-based guestbook setup: easily make your guestbook match your site's HTML and design. VisitorBook Pro's templates allow you to get exactly the style and layout you want your guestbook to have.

Completely multi-user ready: you create a guestbook through the master administrator program, and allow its 'owner' to modify and maintain just that guestbook through the user administrator program.

Simple database-driven foundation: all entries are stored in a database text file (rather than simply writing to a HTML file), making modifications centralized and speedier. If desired, you can import this text file into your favorite database application for limitless applications: imagine creating a private guestbook that asks for mailing addresses, and then creating malling address labels with your database program and this information. With VisitorBook Pro, you can make this happen!

Guestbooks are loaded with options: control how the guestbook works, how it looks, and how it is accessed based on configurable preferences.

Entry-approval mode: rather than automatically posting new entries to the guestbook for the world to see, you can specify that posts must be approved by the user (in the admin program) before they can go 'live' on the actual guestbook.

Sophisticated 'bad words' filter: give VBPro a list of bad words, and it will hunt for them in every field each time an entry is submitted. Intelligent post-processing lets you decided what to do with a 'naughty' entry: ask the user to remove the words, save the entry for admin approval, reject the entry, or reject the entry and ban the user.

IP-based authentication: ban users from posting based on IP address, if desired. Used in conjunction with the bad words filter, this feature can create a small degree of artificial guestbook administration intelligence.

Customizable thank-you e-mail message: optionally send visitors an e-mail message customized with any fields you want from the entry they posted (for example, if your guestbook asks for the visitor's full name, you can use that same name to greet your visitor in an e-mail message!)

Simple guestbook flow control: guestbook preference in admin mode indicates whether newest entries come first or last on your guestbook page.

IP-address collection: if desired, VBPro will record the IP address of the visitor. This information can optionally be used on your guestbook page.

E-Mail address verification: if desired, VBPro will check input e-mail address to see if it is at least a plausible address format.

URL checking: VBPro can optionally check an input URL to produce a link on your guestbook page only if appears to be a valid URL.

Built-in templates: VBPro comes with a variety of ready-to-go guestbook layouts that you can use to quickly create snazzy new guestbooks on your site (rather than writing your own HTML look-and-feel).

Effective HTML blocking: optionally, VBPro will translate all HTML to simply appear as text. This method completely prevents malformed HTML from screwing up the look of your guestbook; this can also be used to prevent malicious users from potentially posting annoying javascript code in your guestbook.

Entry ceiling: VBPro gives you the option to limit a book to certain number of entries. After there are this many entries in the book, when a new entry is posted, the oldest entry will be removed.


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