Ask about version 2.0

Allows user to select an image, text color, backgrond color and background texture to be sent to an email address.

User may customize the message content of the postcard.

Optional administrator captions for each photo allow administrator to place a non-changing message beneath the photos.

Optional MIDI Embed (Music Information Digital Interface, a way of transmitting music files. Works with most browsers) The music will play when the postcard is recieved.

Extremely easy to set up. Administrators need only configure one simple file.

Extremely easy to update. Administrators can add and remove images, backgrounds and MIDI files simply by uploading or deleting them from the server. There is no configuration neccessary.

Supports optional header and footer files, so that your postcards may remain consistant with the look and feel of the rest of the web site.

A user may check to be notified when his/her postcard is picked up.

Supports unlimited images, backgrounds and MIDI files

No need to know HTML or Perl.