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ChatPro 2.5 is a must-have upgrade! The following outlines the most prominant features of this innovative chatting solution:

Real-time chatting! Allows people to post messages for everyone to see!

Private Messages! Secure private message system allows two users to chat in secrecy!

Compatible! Works with virtually all browsers!

Expandable! Allows unlimited public and private chat rooms!

Extremely flexible! You to easily customize look and feel to fit in with your site!

NEW Quick and easy setup! You can have it running on your server in just a few minutes! The plugin preferences have been compressed into one, easy file!

NEW Customize everything from title and background elements to the language it speaks! Now more customizable that ever before!

NEW Easier to use than ever before! Many helpful user features including frames-base auto-reloading of messages! Many new features have made ChatPro more user-friendly than ever!

NEW Emoticons! Many new symbols are included for users to express emotion!

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NEW Message boards! Designate certain rooms as Message Boards; this gives the messages more pertinence and permanence!

NEW User Profiles! Chatters can now maintain profiles of themselves online! Users can also change their passwords from this screen!

Advanced banner advertisement software is built in! No need to buy additional software!

Detailed Statistics let you know who's using your chat rooms!

Completely self-sustaining! There's no need to worry about maintenance!

NEW Extensive administrative controls allow you to do everything you could possibly imagine, including banning users, posting messages and much, much more! Commands can now be issued much more quickly and securely!

Multiple administrators can be configured with four different levels of access!

Registration Plugin! Optionally require users to register before using the chat rooms!

Low bandwidth! Much faster than many competing products!

NEW Time zone offset! Optionally correct all posts to server time!

NEW Now more secure! A new security system has been added to protect your precious files and server from hackers!

NEW Plugin switchboard! Quickly turn plugins on and off without removing them from your server!

NEW More administrator information! The administrator can optionally see among other things, a users IP address and message IDs!

NEW Delete groups of messages! The administrator can delete individual or groups of messages based on the ID numbers!

NEW Who is Where?! Users can now find their friends anywhere in the chat rooms!

NEW Many Plugins Reworked! To improve security and performance, many of the plugins have been reworked and optimized for the 2.5 release!

NEW Numerous bug fixes, changes and tweaks which improve the overall performance, reliability, security and features of ChatPro.


Download ChatPro 2.5 Documentation


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